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Shaping for the Family

I have not made much for the business lately as my wife and I decided 20 year old Melamine office furniture was not cool in the house of a woodworker. The adventure began in October of 2016 when we caught a great 30% off sale at Highland Hardwoods celebrating their 30th anniversary. We bought lots of cherry and curly cherry. A couple of weeks ago we finally started by encasing a nice, steel filing cabinet with cherry. This weekend we finished that piece minus the raised panel door. I will complete the raised panel doors all at once at the end to make sure they match.

This weekend we also completed the base of a cabinet with many drawers in it. We plan to suspend a nice work surface between these two pieces made of cherry and some other woods for style. It will be 2" thick and resemble a straight grain cutting board. I will update here as I have more progress.

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