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So I was reading my Facebook updates when I was referenced on a picture of a Black Walnut tree by my Fraternity Brother/Adviser in College. LCJ knows I have a woodworking business and saw a brother who went to UVM 10 years after me has a farm in Massachusetts looking to sell some Black Walnut. Being Alpha Gamma Rho is an agricultural fraternity it made sense that Glenn has a farm and sells honey. I was the disappointment of the Ag. Fraternity by going into IT Security. Well this bee-meister and I had a fabulous chat about his farm, my business and the trees I am interested in obtaining. Goes to show that friends help you make new friends and relationships are important. Even though I did not pursue a career in agriculture, I am proud of my fraternity and my roots in farming. Both of my parents grew up on farms in Vermont and what is more important in this world that food and family. Glenn, I can't want to pop down and check out the farm and family and grab some of that beautiful black walnut. :-)

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